Boré Community Forest Centre

We will be unlocking a range of downloadable resources, ideal for inspiring action after you’ve seen the film.

However, between now and then, we hope you’ll do one, or maybe all, of the following:

  • Share our trailer
  • Love us up on Twitter and Facebook
  • Talk about #TreesAreTheKey in your blogs and vlogs
  • Think about organising a fundraising community or school screening
  • Become a valued member of The Word Forest Organisation
  • If you run a business and share our ethical values, become a corporate partner
  • or just simply put a donation in our pot

Everything you do to help spread the word about the planetary value of trees – planted in Kenya, or anywhere else on earth – will make a positive difference to our world.

It’ll encourage people to see trees in a different light, it might stop a few forests from being felled, preserving vital safe habitats for creatures galore and cool spaces for humans too.

Our friends in Kenya, say: asante sana (thank you) and we just can’t thank you enough.